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Brighton Indoor Draft League 2014

24th March: Final report!

So, the inaugural season of BIDL has drawn to a close, and what a week finals week was!

First off there was some drama. First semi final - C9 were missing not only Waggle, but also Wizzy, so were unable to field two girls against The Mad Hatters (video here) - infamous for their intolerance of teams unable to abide by the mixed ultimate rules (rules which were, in retrospect, unwise). Fluff was outraged and suggested not playing, however Hatters were several points up playing 4v4 before C9 scored and then had a protest about Hatters playing 4v3. The game was already lost by this point really, with Hatters on top form winning out 7-4.

Next semi final was C4, this week missing Kneetu at a crucial moment, versus Fidler's Frisbee-ers (video here), who have been consistently performing excellently with Jack at the helm and Miles and Rapo working the engine. Although it was a close game the whole way through, Fidlers were always in control and kept the edge right til the end, a final score from C4 in the last seconds to bring it to 8-7 wasn't enough, and Fidlers' advanced to the final!

Next up, playoff for 5th place, A Bunch of Stuff v The Discly Hallows (video here). ABOS connected well, having had a very tight roster all season, this week Frenchy was aboard and Moosa was missing, Nat and Kerry putting in points everywhere not leaving Ollie's Hallows much room to work with, Laurence and Gabe making Frenchy and Rossi hallucinate with tiredness but unable to convert enough, the game ended 10-6 to ABOS who take 5th place!

The 3v4 saw the battle of the news teams, C4 v C9E (video here). The two matchups in the regular season had seen C9 win the first and C4 to get revenge in the second, but the decider was to go to C9 - 8-5.

Then onto the FINAL of BIDL 2014!

The Mad Hatters vs Fidler's Frisbee-ers (video here!). Fidlers' start on O and put in the first point. Hatters then don't connect and Roadie to Miles punishes, Fidler's up 2-0. Hannimal to Sandwich to put in Hatter's first point, then Sandwich comes straight out with a D, but a few passes later Rapo shows his acceleration to get a great fingertip D to stop a score, then shows his speed and ups with a huge jump-in to make it 3-1 Fidler's.

Next point Hatters show some patience and Brew passes up the line for a Hobbs' jump-in to bring it back within 1. Fidler's answer back with a quick high release backhand from Miles to Roadie, then Hatters show more patience as Fidlers' start poaching off a bit more (commanded by Rapo on the sideline), and put it in to Sandwich Jack, 4-3. Miles hassles Fish hands on force and gets a stall-out, then plays some great O but Jessie pushes the throw to the endzone too far and it's a turn. Brew makes a sweet grab to stop Jessie's D, but Mannings' knife to Ferg bounces out of his hand to give the disc back to Fidlers'. A few turns later in a pretty hellish point and Roadie slides to make the catch safe in the endzone, Fidlers' up by two again, 5-3.

Hatters answer quickly, Sandwich to Brew to make it 5-4. Rapo to Jack for the score and the spike, 6-4. A few quick scores later (and a Miles injury, opening up the possibility for the Hatters comeback) and Hatters get a turn from Yew missing the target, but he gets the point block on Ferg back AND the score, 8-6 to Fidlers' with 1 minute left. After an incomplete Hatters dump pass, Miles and Jessie pass it around at the back before Jessie puts it in with a few seconds left, Jack Fidler with the score and cementing the 9-6 victory!

Congratulations to Jack Fidler, Richard "Rapo" Roberts, Miles Tincknell, Jessie Stanbrook, Roadie "Roadtrip" Smith, Andrew "Orgasmic Yew", and Becca Pickering - the Fidler's Frisbee-ers - BIDL 2014 Champions!

Spirit winners, averaging over 80 points (out of 100), Thortu's Crouching Backhand, Hidden Hammers.

Much fun was then had in the Druids late into the evening.

Sign up to BUDIT! It's all the excitement of BIDL crammed into one weekend. Sign-up here!

14th March: Week 7 report!

Wowser. What an evening. There was everything to play for and it could hardly have been closer on the night, deciding who makes it into the semi final playoffs. First up, strong-looking C4 saw off CBHH 6-3 (video here). Fluff and Waggle were representing with Channel 9, who came out strong against league leaders Fidlers in their first game, taking it narrowly 9-7 in a very high scoring match - video here. Next up, Crouching Backhand against the persistently-understaffed A Bunch of Stuff, able to throw a spanner in the works with some great play from Marshall and Sam Bell, despite being forced to play 3 players on defence, held ABOS to a 4-4 draw in the first upset of the evening. C9 then faced Hatters in an absolute thriller of a game (video here) - if you're going to check out any video then check out this one - C9 needing to get at least a draw to stay in contention found themselves one point down with 20 seconds on the clock, but with Brew and Hobbs trying to keepdisc in their own half, Rhi pounced and got the D, allowing Waggle to throw some nonsense to Fluff for the score in the dying seconds to get the 6-6 draw.

C4 then faced Fidler's Frisbee-ers, if C4 had won then they would have had 1st seeds going into the semis, but despite being up, some great play from Fidlers brought it back to 8-8 at the final whistle - the third draw in a row, also the first draw for Fidlers meaning every team at BIDL drew at least one game. Video here.

Last game of the day was to decide the last spot in the semi finals - if A Bunch of Stuff could lose by 3 or less to Mad Hatters, ABOS would get 4th... any more than that and C9 would take the semi final spot. Video here! Hatters were on fire, coming out strong and punishing ABOS's lack of subs, and they went 3-0 up immediately. ABOS were able to get it together and get a few points on the board, including an awesome sky from Moosa over Fish hands, but with some tactical help and sidelining from the heavily-invested Channel 9, the game had slipped away from ABOS and ended up 8-3 in Hatters favor, giving C9 the final spot in semis!

Here's how the final league table looks - see how insanely close it is at the top!:

Schedule for next week, THE LAST WEEK OF BIDL, where champions will be crowned at the end of the evening!

13th March: Last week to decide who makes it into the semis & final next week!

Things are hotting up at Moulsecoomb. After a rollercoaster of a season, tonight sees the last week of regular league play, after which the 4 teams qualifying for the semi finals will be confirmed. Here's how the table stands at the moment:

With The Discly Hallows being the only team resting tonight, there are 5 teams in contention for the 4 spots in the semi finals: Fidler's Frisbee-ers (+1pt), The Mad Hatters, C4 News Team, A Bunch of Stuff (-1pt), and C9 Evening News Team (-3pts).

Here's the schedule for the games tonight:

Providing there are no upsets with the non-highlighted games vs CBHH, ABOS will be boosted up to 14pts and C4 will be boosted up to 15pts. If C9 win both their games (vs Fidlers and Hatters) then they will be up on 14pts, however C4 or Hatters can both take that final playoff spot by beating Fidlers or ABOS respectively. If Hatters or Fidlers beat C9, then (unless ABOS have a nightmare) C9 will be 5th going into playoffs. If C4 or Hatters lose both their games and C9 can beat Fidlers (& Hatters) then C4/Hatters will miss out on semi finals. ABOS are also in trouble if they lose both theirs and C9 do well (win & draw, or just win with +6 pts difference for the day over ABOS' result).

Exciting, complicated stuff. Everything to play for tonight! It's gonna be one helluva week.

Week 4 report!

The Mad Hatters have got serious. Captain Jess saw the mixed rules and strategically picked her team with strong dedicated women, only to have multiple teams in the first stage of round-robin games face up against them without enough women on their team, asking for the rules to be relaxed, asking to pick up players etc... so Hatters got off to a bad start in BIDL. Now they have had enough of other teams failures, and are taking no nonsense. First up this week they played A Bunch Of Stuff, who were missing their captain Humble James once again, this time due to injury, and were also missing Nat, so only had Kerry to face up against Hanimal and Hobbs - Hatters played 2 women whenever they were on offence, forcing ABOS to field three players on D, and Hatters kept putting in the scores. When ABOS were starting on O however, they were efficient and putting the points on the board too - so both teams were trading points right up until the last minute. With 1:20 on the clock Hatters were up 5-4, Mannings pulled and it went out of the hall through the door, Felix picked it up and hammered to Frenchy, who in turn hammered to Moosa for the score to bring it to 5-5 with just under a minute left. Hatters had to score their last 3v4 point to win the game, but turned over in the corner! Chaos and confusion followed, ABOS turned over on their first pass and then Hatters had a final chance to take the game... Brew tried to jam it in to Ferg, but Felix was there to get the D and crash into the wall, with 2 seconds left on the clock he picked it up and threw hopefully to the endzone, only for the floaty disc above Moosa to drop down and clip the edge of the basketball hoop! So the game finished 5-5.

Next up was Channel 9 Evening News Team vs The Discly Hallows, with their new awesome kit. Another really really tight game, C9 missing Fluff and Waggle, Hallows took their shots to Gillian and Ollie, and managed to get a draw, another 5-5 result.

Next up were Thortu's Crouching Backhands, Hidden Hammers, but arguably due to some poor player management they only had two players at the venue - Thortu and Marta. First round pick Sam Bell apparently didn't even know it was Thursday. To make matters worse, they were up against The Mad Hatters, who we all know are now not taking any shit from anybody... so after giving them three minutes grace, a 2v4 game commenced! Hatters were brutally putting in the scores, whilst Marta was cutting all over the field and still managing to get the disc despite being covered by 3 defenders, but never able to get the disc in the endzone for a score. The crowd were behind them, willing Thortu to run upfield and cut for Marta's throws for once, but it wasn't to be and Hatters continued their BIDL comeback with a 16-0 win which will do wonders for their points difference.

ABOS played again vs C4 News Team in a tough battle, ABOS taking the intensity from their first game through and managing to get the better of Jonny, Kneetu, Mette and co. who allowed them to play with 3/1 split against their 2/2 gender split, in a tight game which came out 6-4 in ABOS' favour.

Discly Hallows then went up against CBHH, for whom and injured Rachel had now turned up to offer some respite - still 3v4 was too tough and despite getting 2 points on the board (the crowd goes wild), Hallows came away with their first BIDL victory, 11-2.

Last game of the day was the classic C4 News Team vs C9 News Team matchup, and it lived up to the hype with Kneetu shouting at C9 to shut up at the start of the game and knifing a disc towards them... The match itself was tight the whole way, but C4 went a point or two up early on and held onto it, C9 clearly missing Fluff and Waggle despite Jonny and Adam stepping up into the roles (Stu giving Adam a great matchup, what a battle to watch), C4 took this one 6-4 - no doubt these teams will face each other later on in BIDL 2014.

The table (which is on a sheet here) sees C4 at the top with 10 points and a game in hand, C9 6 points difference behind them but no game in hand, ABOS keeping it real with 9 points and 2 games in hand, Fidler's on 8 with 2 games in hand, Hatters at the start of their comeback with 5 points but definitely striking fear into the oppositions hearts, with 2 games in hand, Hallows on 4pts and CBHH on 2 points and yet to get their first win - hopefully their players will actually turn up next week!

Big match to watch next week is ABOS vs C9 - 2nd v 3rd in the table, everything to fight for as we enter the 2nd stage of BIDL 2014. Videos here.

Week 2 report!

It was a great week for Fidler's Frisbee-ers, who came outta the blocks with a strong performance against The Discly Hallows (VIDEO), Hallows getting a respectable 4 points on the board with some good connections they are now finding, but Fidler's taking it 7-4. Later they played against the KQHS Channel 9 News Team (VIDEO) and were storming it - winning 10-5 in a really high scoring match where C9 just weren't connecting.

C9 found their form for the last game of the day though, clicking wonderfully to beat A Bunch of Stuff 10-2 (VIDEO), ABOS missing captain "Humble" James this week due to a conflict (which has now been sorted, so he assures us he'll be present for all remaining games!).

ABOS had earlier fought hard against Crouching Backhand, Hidden Hammer, going from a tight 5-4 lead to take the game 7-4, CBHH missing Marshall this week.
C4 News Team played their first games this week, getting off to a great start by beating CBHH 7-2 (VIDEO), and Hallows 8-3.

The table leader has changed - ABOS are now in 2nd, and Fidler's Frisbee-ers are #1 by just 1 in points difference (same wins/losses - 3-1). Channel 9 are in a close 3rd with one draw and two wins, but Channel 4 are in good form having won 2 from 2, they could gradually catch up as each team has their rest weeks.


Week 1 report!

Draft Night was a huge success, and after the picks were all made by the captains, people stayed at the Druids until long gone 3am! Notable picks include Taran going in round 1 to Ollie's team The Discly Hallows, and Jess Hobbs (the mystery captain) strategically picking Hannah Brew in an Open round. First pick was Rapo (to Fidler's Frisbee-ers), then Jess took Mannings, Jonny went for Kneetu, Humble James picked Felix, Thortu picked Sam Bell, Glen went for Waggle, and Ollie had Taran (with Gillian as his round 2 pick).

First game on Thursday was Fiddler's Frisbee-ers vs A Bunch of Stuff. Kerry was on fire for ABOS, scoring the first three points for them and 6 in total, helping ABOS to an 8-3 victory after a close start to the game.

Next up was the KQHS Channel 9 Evening News Team vs The Mad Hatters. Hatters were missing Toby for this game and were still recovering from Draft Night the night before, so despite going up early on, they ran out of legs somewhat and gave KQHS a chance at a comeback. With the score at 4-4 and only seconds left on the clock, KQHS slotted the decisive score home and took the game 5-4.

Fidler's Frisbee-ers were up again next, this time facing Crouching Backhands, Hidden Hammers. They gelled much better than their first game, and came out 6-3 victors over Thortu's team - Marshall showing he has skills but not quite adapting to the small hall yet.

Next up were A Bunch of Stuff and The Discly Hallows, where ABOS took the momentum of their previous game and hit the ground running, not letting Hallows have a look in, taking a resounding 7-0 victory to get their 2nd win out of 2.

Crouching BH, HH were up next against KQHS Channel 9 ENT, and were connecting much better - with the score at 5-4 to KQHS, a knife was put up to Thortu with Waggle marking him, Waggle unfortunately macked the disc up into the air and Thortu brought it down to bring the scores level. KQHS were unable to score their offence before the clock ran out, despite their attire of shirts and ties, so the game ended as a 5-5 draw!

Next up were The Discly Hallows and The Mad Hatters. Hatters were connecting very well and look like a formidable team to come up against - Hallows were able to get on the board though, Gillian throwing a hammer to Taran for their first point, but Hatters were unstoppable, scoring the most points all day and taking the game 9-2.

The current full table and next week's schedule is on the google doc linked on the top right ('Schedule/Results/Teams'), check it out and get excited for next weeks games where The Channel 4 News Team will be making their first appearance!

NEWS - 22/01/14:

Draft Night is tonight from 8pm at the Druids!

Elliot has dropped out from BIDL, and a new captain is replacing him - to be uncovered tonight at Draft Night when we pick the order of the captains!

Gender rules have been decided:



DEFAULT: 1 or 2 women (minimum) on each team at any time, as chosen by the team starting the point on offense (i.e. if you just got scored on and are receiving the pull, you put 1 or 2 women on the line and the defending team has to match your number (or put on more women than you - you don't have to match them)).

Captains can agree to play different gender rules before the game starts (when they toss the discs to decide who will start on offence) - depending on the turnout for both teams, any injuries, etc. If you can't agree on the rules or are unsure then go to Felix.

Examples of other gender rules you can decide on:

- minimum 1 woman on each team at all times

- minimum 2 women on each team at all times

- 0 or 1 women (minimum) on each team, as chosen by the offense - RARE - should only be considered in extreme circumstances of no-shows/injuries etc

Only deviate from the default gender rules if your team is missing players or has injuries or other mitigating circumstances. If no discussion is had before the game, a 3/1 or 2/2 gender split as decided by the offense is assumed. If the captains agree they can change the rules mid-game too - if there's an injury or something, let's not be jerks!


See you at Draft League tonight, or at the games tomorrow!

BIDL (pronounced 'biddle') brings together all Brighton Ultimate players, new & experienced, to compete indoors over the winter/spring months. Players sign up to the Draft, then on Draft Night the captains take turns to pick the players they want on their team for the league, meaning the teams are well balanced and there's everything to play for over the coming weeks! Check out the Player List and the Captains!

Teams compete every Thursday from 7pm in Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre - map here - for the title of BIDL Champions 2014.

Previous successful Brighton Draft Leagues/Tournaments: BUDL'13, BUDIT, BUDL'12

Starts: 22nd Jan (Draft Night), 23rd Jan (Week 1)

Player fee: £25

# players per team: 7
Game rules
: 4v4, 20min, 1 timeout per team, 3/1 mixed split (if both teams can)

Format: 7 team double round-robin followed by Semis and Finals (15 games each)

Venue: Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre (map)

How to sign up: BIDL'14 is now full!

Stay informed: Facebook page