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BIDL'14 Captains

Jessica Hobbs

Team Name: The Mad Hatters

?, ?

Started: 01/10/2013


Glen Newell
Team Name: KQHS Channel 9 Evening News Team

June/1990, 6'1"

Started: September/2013

Captain's Bio: After extensively researching this "Frisbee", scouting out
the venue, and using all of my years of experience, I have come up with an
unstoppable winning strategy. First, we will throw a disc to each other.
Then we will throw the disc to one of us standing in an "end-zone". If we
don't have the disc, we shall get it back. The conditions clearly favour a
huck-and-D tactic, and so anyone who sees what appears to be an aimless
throwaway into nowhere will just not be aware of our superior tactics.
Pulls into the back wall will be encouraged, especially if aiming for a
basketball hoop. If you come to the games drunk or hungover, then i'll have
no option but to say, "that makes two of us", so be warned.
P.S. My eloquent, expressive, vivid, post-match speeches have been known
to bring people to tears.

Craig "Thortu" Gazzard

Team Name: Crouching Backhands, Hidden Hammers 

10/1993, 6'4"

Started playing 09/2013

"So yeah, my first year playing frisbee, thought I'd captain a team to eternal glory in my maiden captaincy, what of it? While being tutored in the fine art of frisbee play by the Mohawks themselves I have learnt a few things that hopefully you will learn as well, if you know me already then these should already be obvious.

1 - Hammers are great

2 - If you don't throw enough hammers (at least 4) then much disappointment will rain down

3 - Hammers are so great I felt they needed a second mention.

4 - Any sport which combines drinking and sport is great, it's why I play rugby.

Hopefully with these 4 simple lessons, and frankly genius leadership, this soon to be team of champions will be able to crush all BIDL opponents and then the world. As a captain I will be looking for players of the highest frisbee quality but other factors such as "How much can they drink before they fall over?", “Do they drink as much as I do" and, most importantly, the ability to embrace my personal frisbee motto of "Do as I say, not as I do" will impact on things.

See you all on Draft Night!"

Oliver Acton

05/94, 6'4"

Started: 09/13

"Captain a BIDL team? Yeah, how hard can it be! This is my first year playing Frisbee but I can’t think of anything better to do than spend my evenings playing some awesome Frisbee. I was the vice captain for the Panthers team in regionals before Christmas so I’d like to claim that I know what I’m doing despite looking like a newborn horse stumbling round the pitch. But if you’re looking for fun and general shenanigans then this is the team for you. So see you at the winners party... oops sorry.... draft night soon!"

"Humble" James Crowley

Team Name: A Bunch of Stuff  
14/09/1994, A bit Lanky 
Started: Oct/2013

Can't make: 13th Feb

"It was funny until someone got hurt. then it was hilarious".... I don't know exactly why I have written this quote, but it's open to interpretation. Anyways. First year of frisbee and I'm loving it! New to this captain business, I presume my team will win, however bad things do happen in this world; buildings fall over, wasps sting, bees even sting sometimes, which is a shame cause bees are really pretty and mother said if they sting they die shortly afterwards. But never mind all that. I'm am eager to find players who are up for fast moving, dynamic play. And I'm looking forward to picking a strong team from the draft and leading my companions to victory! We are not a bunch of nothings....WE ARE A BUNCH OF STUFF.

Jack Fidler

Team Name: Fidler’s Frisbee-ers

January/1995, 5'7"

Started: September 2013

"Having discovered Ultimate by chance during freshers week, I am loving the challenge of playing a completely new sport. Despite having only played for little over 3 months I have experience of 4 tournaments (seems like every weekend since I have been at uni has involved Frisbee!). I am however still learning about tactics and stuff, and captaining will be a new and (hopefully) enjoyable experience. I can’t wait to get started on the road to BIDL glory and am already planning the victory parade!

What am I looking for in my team? Well, all round versatility would be useful as I am unsure on what our style of play will be! I’m pretty short in Frisbee playing terms, so I may be looking to add a bit of height so we can compete in the match ups. Input on tactics will of course also be useful due to my relative inexperience. I demand 100%, no in fact 110%, commitment from my team- I like to see plenty of layout scores and D’s (I have done a few myself).

So if you’re interested in playing on my team (why wouldn’t you be) then speak to me on draft night or before.

See you on draft night at the Druids!"

Jonny "Sheba" Arthur

Team Name: The Channel 4 News Team

18/05/1995, 6'0"

Started: 09/2013

Teams: Sussex Mohawks

"As a fresher in my first year of playing Frisbee captaining a team of experienced players in a tournament i've been told is of the highest level will surely be an interesting experience. what I may lack in experience as a player I will undoubtedly make up for with a winning team formula and brightly coloured socks (mainly pink). learning as a player under Mohawk tutelage I have learnt many things as a player already, such as how much dog food can a man eat before he vomits, and what to do with a shot of Raki if it doesn't all go in your eye on the first attempt. all such knowledge im sure will come in useful in picking a team that is as both formidable on the pitch as it is in the Bar.

As a captain I will be looking for players with a good tactical know how so, like any great leader, I can take credit for all successful decisions made. I will of course come armed with a clipboard to increase the effectiveness of all decisions, a large collection of Will Ferrell quotes and motivational speeches from random films that will definitely have complete relevance to whatever we face. im looking for winners, winners to march gloriously to BIDL victory with. see you on draft night"