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BIDL 2014 Players
(42 total, +7 captains)

"Gabe" Gabriel Greening

May, 1994, 6'2"

Started: 2012

"Born and raised in California where I played football (soccer!) pretty religiously. Made the switch upon coming to Sussex where I now happily play for the Mohawks."

Dean "Kneetu" Newman

12/11/&9, 6'1''

Started: October 2009

Can't make: 23rd Jan, 27th Feb

"Love indoors :-) useful going deep and playing against zone. Ok in the air, mainly a receiver but indoors like to handle as well. Big force and love playing defence "

Tom "Coops" Cooper

02/1994, 5'8"

Started: 09/2012

Can't make: 23rd Jan, 30th Jan

"Though I've only been playing frisbee for a short two years, I'm a quick learner and I'm quick study. I'm a fast and jumpy frisbee player when I play and i have played in various tournaments and captained a team at open indoor regionals this past year; where we won most spirited team. I make up for all my inexperience and faults with a determined nature and fun nature."

James 'Waggle' Houghton

26/6/79, 6'0"

Started: Sept 1997

"Entering my 17th year of playing Ultimate I still refuse to throw left handed, but am pretty good at high release thumbers. I've played in lots of Brighton indoor events, but never won one - so here's hoping BIDL is my first! Probably can't make the 3rd Thurs of each month - but hopefully can."

Fergus Klein

25/1988, 6'4"

Started: 09/13

"I'm 193cm tall and can run for days.  I fancy my ability in the air and have a safe pair of hands.  My awareness of play and distribution skills are not bad and I am always looking to keep the team moving forward.

I am a serious competitor and am not afraid to put my body on the line for the team.


Marshall Wang

Dec/1993, 5'8''

Started: Aug/2008

Can't make: 27th March

"Been playing ultimate internationally for a while. Prefer being a handler but can do both. "

Benjamin Rees

24/08/1992, 6'7"

Started: September 2010

"Warning: contains swearing, mild peril and occasional, infrequent nudity."


26/01/1994, 5,10"

Started: 09/12

"Mohawk second year and O line vice captain for Suck My Disc. I've also played in div 1 for both indoor and outdoor nationals, although we lost every single game both times so i'm not sure how impressive that is. Renowned for my amorous O and lascivious D"

Toby Whitehead

7/1979, 5'10"

Started: 5/2008??

"will have fun. may be shouty on occasion."

Bryony Dayment

10/93, 5'1" (at a push)

Started: 09/13

Can't make: 13th Feb

"I've only just started my first year of Frisbee but hopefully it'll be the first of many. ;) Although i haven't really been able to do the other tournaments i'm excited to be involved. 

I also think i might be the shortest... i'll just have to learn to jump higher... ;)"

Rebecca Pickering

26/08/1995, 5'3

Started: 09/13

"I am a Mohawks fresher. I played women's and mixed regionals which was awesome. Pretty much obsessed with frisbee right now. I like to be aggressive on D, but I have learnt to tone it down for women's anyway :)"


03/06/1993, 5'4"

Started: 09/13

"I'm a frisbee fresher and really starting to get into the sport. Very inexperienced with regards to tournaments but keen to gain some and play lots more ultimate :)"

Joe Newman (Washboard or Fish hands)

01/1993, 5'8?

Started: 09/2013

"Um I like to play frisbee, I can run for days and I jump a lot.

I basically play to layout as often as I can, but my hands might not be 
quite on point enough to catch the disc all the time...
I don't mind putting my body on the line, or more I just don't think about it, so yeah pick me."

Andrew Yew


Started: Sept/2013

"Mohawk fresher. Played at SICKO, Open Indoor Regionals, Open Indoor Nationals. I have a relatively good understanding of tactics. "

Natalie Sharma

18/6/91, 5'5.5"

Started: Sept 2012

"I will bring some skillz, but more fun."

Isobel "Wizzy" Clements

09/09/1992, 5'9"

Started: 11/2012

Can't make: 6th Feb

"Not the most experienced or serious frisbee player; but up for a good game and have been known to get very competitive. I need sideline help to remember to pivot  when I throw BUT I'm willing to break my hand in order to keep the player I'm marking off of the disk. As a true Squaw- I play SHIT HOT D."

Sarah "Megtu" Craig

September/1994, 5'9"

Started: September/2013

"Played for Squaws/mohawks 2 at womens regionals, played for mohawks 3 at mixed regionals. Is the clone of Megan Hurst and so will undoubtedly be acquiring her skillset over the weeks between now and the start of the league.

Some of Meg's skills and achievements include:

- impressive tweeting abilities

- hair"

Marta Verani

Apr/1994, 5'4"

Started: Sep/2013

"Mohawks fresher, loved frisbee from the very first training! Played women's regionals. I like playing D and bringing cookies for my teammates!"

Miles Tinknell

12/90, 5'6" 1/2

Started: 2010

"Been playing for 3-4 years. Open Captain of the Panthers for 3 years, played on Brighton Echo at tour, played with Brighton Mixed at nationals. Speed is probably my greatest asset and the courts at moulsecoomb can compliment my playstyle."

Tom Mannings

December 87, 6'0

Started: September 08

"Captained the undefeated winning team at the inaugural BUDIT. Captained a team to 2nd at BUDL.

Once described as a player with 'the most accurate short passes under pressure in Brighton Ultimate'. 

Looking back on it now, I may have peaked last season."

Tim "Pooch" Thorley

Oct/1992, 5'7''

Started: Sept/2011

"Known as Pooch at the Mohawks."

Hannah "Hanimal" Brew

01/02/1992, 5'7 and 3/4''

Started: Sep/2011

"I play lots of Frisbee all the time, have about 30 tournaments under my belt including 3 week tournaments abroad. I cannot play unless I have a large bun in my hair. Sometimes I play good, sometimes I like to experiment. Will always do what I'm told on pitch.

Possibly have exams over the week of February. Usually ignore Uni work and come anyway so probably won't be a problem."

Pete "Prossie" Howarth

12/90, 5'11.5"

Started: 09/10

Can't make: 13th Feb

"- Played for the Mohawks for 3 years - graduated this summer after being president for the year

- Apparently I have improved since I left, however fitness has slightly dropped but currently getting it back on form

- Can play as a handler, mid or deep - love playing anywhere 

- Know how a lot of the Mohawks play having been around for awhile I.e. Probably good chemistry

- Parties hard

- I won't eat any more slugs

- Loves bullet points"

Alex "Frenchy" French

September/1992, 6'0"

Started: Jan/2012

Can't make: 23rd Jan

"Terrible jump height for player height, good fitness, will run until very tired, adequate top speed, good mentality, positive outlook, can get hard on self, quick learner, slowly beginning to understand offensive plays and "off-the-cuff" player movement but still very much useless haha."

Billy T Fluffballs

10390, 6"

Started: Autumn 2008

"I love indoors. I will buy some nice new high tech squash shoes especially. don't know what days i can commit but at most points in my life i what to play frisbee, so will make massive effort. Would also love a lift."

Rob "Roadtrip" Ellis

07/1993, 6'0"

Started: September 2011 

"Played for Mohawks for 2 years and went to indoor nationals with Mo2 this year. Generally better playing up field (if there is such a thing at Moulsecoomb) but currently focusing on my handling so don't mind playing either position. Said I can make every week but have my 3rd year project due at the end of next term so will likely miss a few weeks later on."

Oscar Barker-Phelps

10/89, 5'10"

Started: 12/08

"Haven't played much in a while, but have a reasonable amount of experience and have played for a few different teams in a few different tournaments. Always up for having some fun and enjoying myself :)"

Adam King

03/1994, 5'11

Started: 09/12

"Hey guys, some of you may know me but if you don't then I was probably wearing a stupid costume of some sort and you know me by that name.  I started playing last year and I like to think I'm alright. 

I can run, I can catch, I can cut, throwing will cost you extra.  

I also like long walks on the beach, cuddling, rom-coms, being wined and dined, sweet black tar heroin, puppies, bubble baths, Ryan Gosling, star gazing and dinosaurs.  I have a soft spot for the Ankylosaurus. That guy knows what's up.  If you share these interests then I'm your guy and we can spark up some passionate BIDL romance."

Jessica Millross

03/94, 5'5"

Started: 09/13

"New player looking for more in game experience. Willing to practice extra (first year doesn't count anyway)
Strongest at forcing. In it for the long haul, make friends with me early ;D "

Jack Tolhurst

12/09/93, 6'1''

Started: 09/13

"Frisbee Fresher. Better in the sack than on the field. But still willing and able to throw self around regardless of potential injuries of myself or others. Oh and I impart humour where I deem it necessary, if it's wanted or not."

Richard "Rapo" Roberts

I will turn 25 during BIDL, nearly 6'0

Started: 09/08

"I played for Mohawks for 5 years. Captaining the Open team and Mixed team with relative success (both been trumped since my captaincy). I now captain a Brighton club team along with three others.

Although it says I can play all the weeks, being a teacher not knowing the school calender at all there will be a parents evening or two that I cannot avoid. I would love to declare them now but I just don't know! Apologies. But I WILL make the minimum 7 weeks, but for extenuating circumstances."

Rachel Clark

09/1991, (Almost) 5' 4"

Started: 09/2012

"Started playing for Mohawks last year, since then have racked up an almost embarrassing number of tournaments with Mohawks, Brighton and other random teams (I have a lot of free time at weekends...) so I've got a fair bit of experience under my imaginary belt. Strongest on D and I run pretty quick. I'm usually a top choice for "Most likely to kill someone", "Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse" and "Most aggressive" so if you'd like a girl on your team that may as well be a guy, that'll be me :D"


04/13, 5'10

Started: 09/13

"Throwing and long cuts would definitely be my strong points. High speed, high endurance I guess. I have prior team-based sports knowledge like basketball."

Sophie "Blabs" Nicholls

10/1991, 5'4"

Started: 10/2011

"I am in my third year of frisbee and claim to be a twice-national champion with the wonderful squaws; though my first year was more sideline support than actual-real-frisbee-playing... technicalities... Despite being described as "defective" and "broken" around 80% of the time, when I am asthma- and injury- free I am pretty determined and play my hardest to make up for being so faulty, and the rest of the time I work on my aforementioned exemplary sidelining."

Kerry Akast

11/1992, 5'3"

Started: October/2011

"It was only last year when I finally became more dedicated to Ultimate, but since then my play have improved and i'm able to cut and fake a lot better than I used to, which I hope has been shown through indoor regionals so far this year. I may be short, but I like to think this isn't a problem with a calming presence on pitch and improvement in play. "

Jessie Stanbrook

05/1991, 5'4"

Started: 11/2010

"I usually do frisbee related things as a priority over pretty much everything else - unfortunately including my degree, but means I have a fair amount of playing experience. I'd like to think I am a pretty safe choice, but I do enjoy attempting putting discs in crazy places when I'm allowed to. Now I'm doing my masters, social convention forces me to say I may not be around a few Thursdays but in reality I'll be there unless forcibly locked in my room and/or the library."

Taran Smith

03/86, 6'0"

Started: 10/13

Can't make: 13th Feb

"Tall(ish), fast, "springy" frisbee newbie. 

Love a bit of aggressive D.

Weaknesses are in my throwing, still developing... so I'm very happy to take the dump :)

Not much experience but was part of this years [Mixed] Nationals Qualifying Panthers team :D"


06/06/1993, 6.15

Started: 01/2009

"Started the International School of Kenya team and won nationals, only once. Played for 2 more years after that, moved to Manchester, didn't play for a year and a half and started playing for the Panthers again this year. Spanish man with not a great jump but better handler. always give 100%"

Samuel Alexander Bell

January 1989, 181.5cm

Started: late 2008

"Playing for a little while. Used to captain and run Panthers when I started. Won BUDL with the mighty Spoons and will generally be as mashed as I am in the picture as often as possible. If I get my way you will be as mashed as the guy in the background. "


08/1982, 6'0"

Started: 09/2000

"Played for GB Open in 2011, currently co-captain of Brighton City (3rd in UK), and coach of Brighton & Sussex University teams for many years. Indoor National Champion 2005"

Laurence Gill

August 1987, 5'11"

Started: September 2005

Can't make:  13th March

"Played with Brighton City this year (and the end of last season) - I started playing when I was at uni in Bristol and have been playing in Brighton for a few years. I have good experience in these Brighton leagues having being on Mental's winning BUDL team in 2012,  made the final of BUDL in 2013, and am in the final of WIBL this year (I think.) I enjoy running fast and can also catch and throw - what more do you want?!"


22/3 -91, 5'1"

Started: September 2011

"Have been playing for the Mohawks for 2 years and (brag alert) have never lost an outdoor game at uni level. For indoors the stats are slightly different though so I could have the potential of being completely useless to your team. I'm super keen so I'll be there every week which probably will be the only consistent part of my performance in this tournament."